Why You Need RWD

Why does your website need responsive web design?

There’s a truly easy answer to this question. Because you will lose money without it. Or at the least you will lose visitors or traffic. Whatever the reason for your website, it is surely on the internet because you want people to look at it. You want to provide information, promote a business, make a sale or whatever other reason you might have.

What if they can’t see your site? They leave. It’s that easy to understand. And perhaps you won’t notice the drop off of visitors to your site, or the high bounce rate as users leave your site immediately they get there. But eventually you will realize that something is wrong.

Why wait for the bad news?

Many businesses have ignored progress and have continued doing business in the same way as they have always done.  And they have gone out of business. Quickly, in recent years.  Can you afford to wait until you no longer have a business before you react to the reality of the time. And that reality is that computer technology is changing and that consumers are moving onto mobile. Even if you don’t as yet use your smartphone (or you don’t have one as yet) to go onto the web 1 billion smartphone users sure are.

Do you have a choice?

Not really. In the same way that you knew you would need to have a presence online and have set up a website for your specific purpose, in the very same way you need to keep up with the times. No choice really.

But then it’s not as expensive as you think it is. Rebuilding your current website using responsive web design might not cost as much as you think.

Is it very expensive?

Why not find out? Contact the Responsive Web Design Experts now to discuss your website. We can probably redesign and rebuild your website as is. On the other hand, many websites are often outdated and perhaps yours could do with a facelift in any case, so check with us for further information on a redesign and build and get your free quote now.

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