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Responsive web design is all about size

Size does count in the mobile gadget space. There are iPhone screens, iPhone 5 with a 4” display or the Samsung Galaxy S3 which has a 4.8” screen. What about the Kindle at 8.9”, the iPad at 9.7”, the Samsung Slate at 11.6” the new iPad Mini and the BlackBerry Playbook at 7″. And the list goes on.

All these different sized screens show a website differently and in many cases the site is even broken when viewed on a smaller gadget such as an iPhone. But it doesn’t have to be. Not if you use responsive web design for your site so that the website automatically resizes for the monitor it is being viewed on.

What is this thing called Responsive Web Design?

With the world’s consumers/customers moving onto the internet with their mobile devices in massive numbers what does the web look like to them? Mostly not that good. In fact some website owners have developed Apps separate to their websites to allow users easier access.

Surely people are using their desktop computers for the internet?Why would you want an App to do your online banking for instance? Well, you would need it because your bank’s website can’t be viewed on mobile gadgets. So what happens if everybody wakes up to mobile and makes an App available for their site? Hundreds of Apps on your phone just to browse the internet, that’s what would happen. Do you want the hassle of having to download an App to your phone for every website you want to visit? And for website owners it means an extra cost too. Nobody wins.

Yes they are. But there are also over 1 Billion Smartphone users in the world that magical number having been reached in October 2012 already. And then there about 210 million tablet owners with a tablet being sold over the Holidays every single second over the peak shopping period.

But people just play games on their mobile gadgets don’t they? Well no. As much as games are popular with smartphones and tablet owners the other statistic you need to look at is the normal web use by mobile device users. Are they checking for info of local businesses, directions to your store or business, considering online purchases, looking for advice on financial services, checking for a laundry service nearby perhaps, reading a review for a restaurant, making a purchase decision? You bet.

Are the numbers big enough for me to be bothered?

In 2011 there were some 5% of mobile gadget users who browsed web pages regularly. In 2012 that doubled to 10%. What about 2013? Double again? Surely. 10% of 1 billion smartphone owners. That’s quite a number isn’t it.

Here’s another one for you to think about. During the 2012 Christmas shopping period in the USA which also included Black Friday, 28% of consumers bought via their smartphones. Wow. Have an online shop and your site is not responsive yet?

Read enough but still need more info? Contact the Responsive Web Design Experts now or if you’re in the U.S. contact Touch Point Digital Marketing Agency for free advice and a free quote to take your website to over 1 Billion smartphone users.