mCommerce is blooming

Web design experts on mCommerce
It took a few years of market development but mCommerce has finally arrived. As consumers migrate to smartphones, tables and the mobile web to shop, online retailers are waking up to this mobile market place.

With online sales via Desktop PCs flatlining in 2013 for the first time since online shops became a reality, the growth of online shopping via the mobile device is notable.

Some stats for the 358 US merchants in the top Mobile 500:
* 2012
mCommerce sales $20.9 billion
* 2013
mCommerce sales $34.2 billion

Overall sales for all merchants in the top Mobile 500 list (US and outside US) will increase about 71% to $30.5 billion from $17.8 billion in 2012.

Interestingly, retailers who process the mobile transactions of their clients such as eBay or Alibaba actually account for about 60% of the $85 billion in global mCommerce sales. However, in the US there is clearly a shift from third party handling of mCommerce such as eBay transactions to direct retailer to consumer mCommerce activity.

For some merchants on the Mobile 500 list, mobile isn’t just the fastest growing portion of their entire eCommerce program, it’s also rapidly becoming the biggest.

mCommerce an indicator of things to come
Mobile already accounts for as much as 60% of sales at web-only flash-sale merchant And the retailer is estimating that Mobile could account for as much as 60% of sales in the following year. Of course flash-sale retailers work well with mobile. Where deals have a short shelf life, have a customer who can respond quickly with mobile is a match made in heaven.

But it’s not only flash-sale merchants who will benefit from the growth in mCommerce. For all online retailers the mobile device will become a shopper’s tool that cannot be overlooked.

Mobile devices. Is your website offering a good experience to your users?
Mobile devices. Is your website offering a good experience to your users?

What can we take home from this?
One might want to shrug off that mCommerce is different to other online activities that web users take part in. Not so. It’s just that retailers have excellent data tracking software that allows us to be so well informed about mobile and its impact on the web.

Do not for one moment think that those very same mobile device shoppers are going to go back to using their Desktop PC to visit your website. In fact for the younger generation, the 18 to 28 year olds, they might not even have a Desktop PC anymore. For them their smartphone or tablet could be the go to gadget for all things internet.

A quick word of advice from web design experts. Move to responsive web design with your website. The sooner the better.

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