Dramatic fall in PC sales

Q3 2013 fall in PC sales
The PC market continues to fall with a sixth consecutive decline in worldwide shipments during Q3 of 2013. And more significantly PC sales post the lowest back to school quarter sales in five years.

Worldwide the units shipped dropped to 80.3 million during the third quarter of 2013. This is an 8.6% decrease from 2012.

PC Sales Q3, 2013

PC Sales Q3, 2013

Some Manufacturers do better than others
Lenovo, HP and Dell managed to grow their shares. However, this was not sufficient to offset the losses by Acer, Asus and the rest of the market. There has also been a change at the top with Lenovo leading HP by a whisker.  Only a 0,5% lead, but nevertheless a lead.

Out of all of them the biggest winner was Dell. Dell’s shipments exceeded growth rate averages across all regions. Acer’s sales fell a dramatic 22.6% compared to figures the year before.

What does it all mean
Of course it doesn’t mean that the laptop or Desktop PC is dead. Not yet at least. 80 million units shipped in a three month period is still a substantial size.

But there is an underlying trend that is starting to become discernible. And that is that consumers are shifting away from the bulkier PCs and moving to mobile devices. The tablet is coming to the fore.

Fall in PC Sales and increase in Tablets
With cheaper Android tablets coming to the market the computer landscape is changing rapidly. It’s becoming a first ‘computing device’ purchase in emerging markets and a supplementary device in mature markets. The computer market is certainly changing. And rapidly.

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