Brilliant example of Responsive Web Design

Here’s a great example of a brilliant responsive web design. Check out The Paint Drop. Not only is the website working well in terms of responding to different sized monitors but the design is also fabulous.

There are two things in particular that this site does well. First element to note is the use of large buttons and icons. It’s a new trend. Small is no longer the best solution. In fact anybody who uses font at a smaller size than 16 should rethink their design habits.

So the type is large, the buttons easy to navigate and the icons are great in that you know immediately what they mean. And its flat design. Definitely the ‘now’ look.

Probably the only small niggle was that the site took a while to load on mobile. It’s a problem the USA has in a small way. Most Americans think they are the center of the Universe. And they are to a certain extent in terms of the internet. And in the case of this site they only serve the US market in some States. So no big issue that the site loads slowly on a mobile device outside the USA.

But it is something all website developers should bear in mind. Not everything has quick access to the internet. Especially not on mobile. Remember that. Especially if you want to talk to customers outside the USA.